Author B.C. Deeks

writes intriguing mystery

with…a bit of family…a little romance…a wink of magic

….that’s ALWAYS a great story.

Mystery Author, B.C.Deeks

Author, BC Deeks

That’s what I love to read, so that’s what I write. Cozy mysteries laced with heartwarming romance, family values, and sometimes a touch of light paranormal woven in for good measure. Something even my mother can read — and has!

 As the third child in a family of six, my mother didn’t have time to read us all bedtime stories. Fortunately, I was blessed with a vivid imagination. I started off telling myself stories of fairy princesses and mythical creatures until I nodded off to sleep, and eventually moved on to making up new ones for my nieces and nephews as they grew up.

You’d think becoming an author would have been a no-brainer for me. Nuh-uh!

Instead, I pursued a successful career in computer security that took me all over the world. At one point, I even sat in a meeting with the KGB on one side and the CIA on the other. Talk about fodder for fiction!  


Finally, just a few years ago and with the encouragement of my wonderful hubby, I gave in to my overwhelming need to write. 

Mine are stories for readers like me — who just like to snuggle under a quilt on the sofa for a few hours and disappear into the world of fiction.

B.C. Deeks